Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What can I do as a parent to help in the application process?


I was thinking today about the application process and how much there seemed to do! It also seemed like this was the first big thing my daughter wanted to do on her own, without my help! Scary times! Of course I still wanted to support her throughout the whole process but it's hard to know where to start.

If you do nothing else sign up for the UCAS parents newsletter : Click here to sign up for the UCAS Parents Newsletter!  

UCAS will then send you useful reminders throughout the year, anything from application deadline date reminders,  how to complete applications, open day dates and a really useful ‘what happens next?’ section! We are all so busy and these newsletters dropping into my inbox throughout the year were great for keeping my daughter and I on track

UCAS also have some great video guides that are aimed just at parents so it's really worth spending a few minutes having a look through.

How to guides for parents: Click here for the guide for parents
Parents and guardians section of the website: Click here for the parents section of the UCAS website

And don't forget if all else fails and you have any questions you can use social media to get the answer you're looking for. If you not familiar with Facebook or Twitter maybe now is a good time to start brushing up your skills! You will need Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with your Uni student once they leave for fresher's week!

More later in the week

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