Sunday, 9 November 2014


Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog! Over the coming months I will share with you some on my experiences as my eldest daughter enjoys her first year at university. I am a proud mum of two daughters, my first born has just started a marketing degree and my youngest is currently in Year 11. I work as a Partnership Specialist in the education sector and I've been married to Rich for 21 years. 

Watching your first born child prepare to leave the nest and go on a magnificent educational adventure can be a real mix of emotions. Excitement that they have reached the goal they have been working towards for years, dread that the house will be so quiet that it won’t still feel like a home and at the same time trying to keep a permanent fixed grin on your face to help them enjoy the whole experience. Will they remember to try out that spaghetti bolognaise recipe that you so patiently taught them in the summer? Will they remember to change their toothbrush head when it becomes all splayed and no use to anyone?  Or will they be having so much fun they will forget to call? The reality of being away from home may be quite different than our teenager is expecting and I’m sure some tough love will be needed if she wants to come home too often (ok I can dream!) but what we can do as parents is remind her how proud we are, how much we love her and that home will always be that, home.

The first hurdle is over and that was of course being brave on moving in day! No fresher needs to see their parents in floods of tears when they are already filled with a feast of emotions themselves. So I kept the tissue box in the car and blubbed all the way home whilst reminding myself  that part of my parenting role was complete as I had raised a well-rounded, independent young adult who was ready to embrace uni life to the full.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences (and maybe some helpful tips!) throughout the year and please leave comments below if you have any questions.


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